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Past National Presidents

To honor our Past National Presidents, we have listed them below with the year of their presidency as well as the current Local they are affiliated with. If you would like to contact one of our Past National Presidents, please visit our Membership Directory (for members only) to access their information.

Former Presidents Attending the 2014 National Education Conference in Seattle, WA

Front Row (L to R): Frances Reinhardt, GML; Mary Ellen Heathcote, MML, CMI, CME; Hulene Works; Georgene Peterson Lee; Lucy Collier; Ann Galla Kluge

2nd Row (L to R): Maureen McKovich, GML; Sharon Decker, GML; Jennifer Walton, Pat Hamilton- Bell, GML; Libby Stivers; Stevie Kellogg, GML; Katherine Kosicki Venters, GML; Jackie Nelson

Back Row (L to R): Candace Smith, CMI, CME; Judy Swanson; Paula Berg, Laurie Abshier, GML, CMI, CME; Sue Barnett, Dawn Adams, GML, CMI, CME; Iva Deobald, GML, CMI

Past National Presidents listed in order of term:

1964-1965 Georgene Peterson Lee*  Seattle

1965-1966 Georgene Peterson Lee* Seattle

1966-1967 Gwen Olivier * Seattle

1967-1968 Dorothy Zarcardo* Seattle

1968-1969 Marjorie Rumley* Seattle

1969-1970 Marjorie Rumley* Seattle

1970-1971 Barbara Sparks Seattle

1971-1972 Nell Hummel* Everett

1972-1973 Madeline Jones* Seattle

1973-1974 Beth Burger* Mission Cities

1974-1975 Norma Brown Trask* Olympic Peninsula

1975-1976 Lola Kinzie*  City of Roses

1976-1977 Aldine Slosson* Puget Sound

1977-1978 Judy Swanson Everett

1978-1979 Louise Backstrom*  Columbia River

1979-1980 Jean Cheever* Eastside

1980-1981 Myrtle Hopkins* Los Angeles

1981-1982 Claudette Brearley* Everett

1982-1983 Ann Galla-Kluge Anchorage

1983-1984 Joan Killpack-Sutherland* Salt Lake City

1984-1985 Lucy Collier*  Tacoma

1985-1986 Della Granger* Seattle

1986-1987 Jackie Nelson Eastside

1987-1988 Judy Everett* Mt. Diablo

1988-1989 Libby McNeill-Stivers Kentucky

1989-1990 Joyce Williams, GML Salt Lake City

1990-1991 Janine Sadler* Sacramento

1991-1992 Pat Hamilton-Bell, GML Seattle

1992-1993 Maureen McKovich, GML Palm Beach County

1993-1994 Judy Johnson, GML El Camino

1994-1995 Frances Reinhardt, GML Atlanta

1995-1996 Hulene Bridgman-Works Dallas

1996-1997 Sharon Decker Kentucky

1997-1998 Janice Gramlich San Diego

1998-1999 Mary Ellen Heathcote, GML, MML, CMI, CME Raleigh Triangle

1999-2000 John Shore Central California

2000-2001 Iva Deobald, GML, CMI Les Boise

2001-2002 Alana Stephens, MML Oklahoma City

2002-2003 Jenifer Walton, LPO, MML, CMI The Columbia River

2003-2004 Paula Berg El Camino

2004-2005 Stevie Kellogg, GML Olympia

2005-2006 Susan Semba Les Bois

2006-2007 Kathie Kosicki Venters, GML*  Houston

2007-2008 Sue Barnett Las Vegas

2008-2009 Dawn V. Adams, GML, CMI Central New York

2009-2010 Liz Fajardo, GML, CME Las Vegas

2010-2011 Gary Tumbiolo, CMI Raleigh Triangle

2011-2012 Laurie Abshier, GML, CME, CMI Bakersfield

2012-2013 Candace M. Smith, CMI, CME Austin

2013-2014 Jill Kinsman Seattle Puget Sound

2014-2015 Christine Pollard Central New York

2015-2017 Kelly Hendricks Greater St Louis

2017-2018 Cathy Kantrowitz Hudson Valley

2018-2019 Laurel Knight-Keane Snohomish County

2019-2020 Glenda Mooney Greater St Louis

2020-2021 Susan Kerr                                                                Atlanta

2021-2022 Mark A. Jennings, CLU, ChFC                                      San Joaquin Valley

2022-2023 Lauren Layman Oklahoma City

* Deceased


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