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Membership Matters!

Where do you go for education, networking and relevant industry information?

We suggest you take a look at us—the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. At NAPMW, there is a place for you!

Each of us, shares common ground in NAPMW. We care about improving our personal and professional walks in life. We believe that membership in an organization that works to insure the education of all of it’s members from every facet of the industry, truly makes a difference.

What about you? Begin today. Invest in your local, giving back even just a little to yourself by becoming involved in a local association. It will repay your career and personal development in ways you have not begun to count yet.

Many professionals today wonder if association membership is really worth their time and investment. Sadly, some simply sit back and let opportunity after opportunity pass them by because they don’t understand what membership in NAPMW could do for them. But perhaps you’re different. Once you see the real-world, bottom line value NAPMW brings its members, then you are going to want to become a member too!

No doubt, this is a fast-paced world we live in. Change is constant and it is a struggle to keep on top of all the new programs, regulations, and policies within our industry. How current are you? How easy is it for you to stay current? How would it contribute to your success to belong to an association that is relevant, moving forward and member-value focused? If we could provide you with the latest education, a powerful network, and opportunities for development, can you honestly afford to not belong?

Engaging with a Local Association in your area and participating in our acclaimed National Convention – at NAPMW there really is a place for you! Also, As a member of a local NAPMW, you are also a member nationally and are welcome at any local, regional or national meeting.

There really is no reason to wait. Don’t put off your own development. Don’t postpone your success. Don’t take chances with your career. Join NAPMW today and stand out from the rest as someone who knows a good opportunity when it arrives. Membership fees vary by location.

NAPMW has 2 Types of Membership

Regular Membership

All individuals currently or previously employed in the mortgage banking or related fields are eligible for membership in a Local Association or as an Associate Member. Individuals interested in and/or seeking education and/or employment in mortgage banking fields are also eligible for membership. Members who reach retirement age and officially retire from the industry may retain their membership.

Associate Membership

Any person in the mortgage banking or related fields who lives in a geographical location not within commuting distance (50 miles) to an existing Local Association, is entitled to membership as an Associate Member. 


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National Association of Professional Mortgage Women 

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